Scene Cut Detection

Automatically detect scene changes in videos and generate a EDL, XML or CSV file for further non-linear film editing in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro X.

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Which files are created?

  • EDL - Edit Decision List (.edl)
  • EDL - Edit Decision List (.edl)
    [with gap between takes]
  • CSV - Comma-separated values (.csv)
    [Timecode In, Timecode Out, Frame In, Frame Out]

Recommended Workflow

  1. Upload your video clip and start the Scene Cut Detection. If the file exceeds the maximum upload limit, you can also upload a compressed version of your video.
  2. Download the generated EDL/XML and place it in the same folder as the original video clip.
  3. Import the EDL/XML into your editing program, link it to the original video clip and start editing.


  1. Content-Aware Detection is an algorithm designed to identify alterations within specific regions of an image. When significant changes are detected, it automatically triggers a cut, making it the ideal choice for analyzing darker movie scenes.
  2. Threshold-Based Detection operates by analyzing the intensity and brightness levels of individual frames. When these levels surpass a predefined threshold, a cut is initiated. This method represents a more traditional approach to cut detection, relying on classic techniques.

Αρχείο επίδειξης

You can try the tool with our technical test file.

  • MP4/H264 video of 3 minutes length in 25fps with different color changes.

The tool is free! But expensive to run.

Scene Cut Detection requires a lot of server power, yet we decided to offer the tool for free as long as we can cover the costs through donations. Since is ad-free and wants to stay that way, we appreciate a donation to keep the tools running and to develop more features. We would be very grateful for a little donation over Buy Me a Coffee or PayPal. Thank you and have a productive day!


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